Nine years of MCL

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Today marks nine years since the founding on MCL back in 2014

You're about to vitness the strength of MCL knowledge
Ahhhh yeah!
2014 - that's the year I was born.
I grew up watching Toy Freaks, SeaDoco, and Fun Kids Smile
I think those channels are worth your while

That's the real MCL
the real MCL
It's been 9 years and it still exists
The real MCL

At first I used Nucleus, and then Dotclear in '15.
But later I realized that they are all shit.
I switched to plain HTML in 2017
and it stayed that way for a whopping three years

In 2019, the old site was closed
Less than two years later it was fully restored
With a new set of pages that looked like shit
But I didn't care back then 'cause I thought they looked lit

In 2021, the site was redesigned
so that it doesn't look like something out of 1999.

In September of '22, I decided to
make shit more Xtreem. No one supported me.
The topic was trashed and it's all gone to shit
And that's why I founded the Xtreem DB
A database where people download mods for free

In 2023, PogoBijoux was released.
Finally, after all those years
Not that it was good, but people liked it 'cause
it was full of anemoia and that weirdcore shit.