Am I the only one who finds Sad Satan funny?

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Do you remember the 2015-2017 Sad Satan craze?

If you don't already know, Sad Satan is a PC game likely released around 2015 that became a rather popular topic the same year, after numerous computer game-themed magazines published stories about it.

Obscure Horror Corner, the YouTube user who recorded the first known videos of the game claims to have downloaded it from the "deep web" (a somewhat incorrect term for onion sites), after a subscriber recommended it to him, though it was later discovered the link he shared was invalid, as it contained the character '9', meaning he likely made the entire story up.

Not long after, someone on 4chan posing as the subscriber who allegedly reccommended it to him claimed Obscure Horror Corner did not show the real thing and linked to a file hosted on MEGA that contained a remake/clone of the game with images of dead people and additional sound effects that were not present in the version played by OHC. It came bundled with a piece of malware that that has been reported to cause damage to files on the hard drive.

The version that OHC played on his channel was never released to the public and it is very likely that he is the one who made it. There are, however, numerous clones/remakes/repacks of the game, some of which are supposedly safe and some of which are not.

Back when the game was popular, a lot of YouTubers made sensationalized videos about it, spewing all sorts of absurd claims* to make it seem more scary to their ~12-year-old audience.

I have never played the game for myself, so I guess I can't know for sure, but from all the videos of it that I have seen, I can confidently tell you that I do not find this game scary at all. I honestly think it's more funny than scary, let me explain:

The game was clearly made with the intention of it being "creepy", and the author of the game really tried to include as many "scary" things as he could, which is a recipe for a bad horror game.

The "soundtrack" consists mostly of slowed-down and reversed clips of interviews and songs, which are far from scary. It includes such gems as Wo Ai Beijing Tiananmen, a well-known Chinese song promoting General Mao†, a version of the Alabama/Whiskey Bar Song by The Doors, as well as a short clip of the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

The game was made using Terror Engine and uses the bundled textures and models almost exclusively. The game looks like something that somebody with zero experience could have put together in less than an hour, making it look even more stupid.

Expect a longer article about this soon.


*Such as the claim that the roalty-free scream sound effect used in the game is a real recording of someone being murdered.

†Yes, the same song that was used in Hong Kong '97

‡Fun fact: the original 1927 version of this song entered the public domain this year.