Wikipedia's shitty redesign

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I use Wikipedia quite often, as it's a pretty good source of highly detailed information that cannot easily be found anywhere else. Of course, many of Wikipedia's editors, especially the most prominent ones, are biased towards neoliberalism (e.g. CNN, Barrack Obama, the Democrat Party, etc.), but that's not really an issue for me, as it mostly applies to political articles, and politics is not something that I am interested in that much; when I'm on Wikipedia, I tend to read articles about software, social phenomenons, music, architecture, electronics, radio, computers, modern technology, and current events.

Today I wanted to look up a Polish song to check if it's entered the public domain and I immediately noticed something.

The main page looked very different from what it looked like just a few days ago... And then I saw the information pane at the top informing the user of the new redesign.

I personally think the redesign is one of the worst Wikipedia's ever had. It's obvious they were trying to target touchscreen devices such as cellular phones or tablet PC's at the expense of x86/desktop users.


†Yes, I know those can be biased too, but the bias is (usually) not that bad compared to mainstream media + I don't blindly believe everything in those articles and check the references if something seems off.