Minetest Game Jam 2022, Day 16 - "Innerdoorless Elevators"

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Today I added elevators. Most of the code was taken from the travelnet mod and slightly modified to change the floor numbering, among other things.

Now, those of you who have never been to Eastern Europe or Africa might find it odd that the elevators have no inner doors inside the elevator car.

Elevators like this are actually very common in developing countries, especially in older buildings. They usually have a regular swinging door that you have to manually open, but no door on the inside, meaning that if someone could have his fingers cut off by the moving car if he put them inbetween the car and the shaft wall. Accidents like that are rather uncommon because most people are not stupid.

If you would like to see those elevators in action I recommend you see the videos on the Heritage Elevators YouTube channel.


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