Show off your natural hue

Pokaż swój zwykły kolor

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In late 2019 I worked at a place where the owner played a certain song each morning; it wasn't just any song, though, oh no. It was a song called Flamingo and it was composed by Kero Kero Bonito, a "British indie pop band", as Wikipedia puts it. When I worked there I didn't know what the song was called, but I found it really annoying. The part that got stuck in my head was the one where they sing "Black, white, green, or blue? Show of your natural hue. Flamingo-oh-oh-oh-oh, if you're multicolor that's cool too.". I remember finding it particularly annoying for some reason.

In early 2021, almost two years after I quit working there, I accidentally found a compilation of "Weirdcore TikToks" on YouTube. I usually don't watch those kinds of compilations (for obvious reasons), but I was curious what it was so I decided to watch to see if it's any good. And as I expected,