About MCL

GigaMCL - MCL Group (MCL Software/TeamSOVNAT)

This is the official site of MCL Software, a non-professional software development group.

Our projects include PogoBijoux, XtreemNodes, XtreemTest, BetterCraft, Adsurv, XtreemSex, CubeSoft Testing, "Where Is Home?", and SovNat-GBI.

MiniMCL - our founder (Migdyn)

It also functions as the personal site of our founder.

Migdyn/FMoS/Temp1/Temp2/TEMPx86/Mike/Robert/John Roberts/TampaXXX/XtreemMCL/XtreemTampaX/discharge/whatever (I go by many different names on-line, all of which are fake), the founder of MCL Software, and the primary editor of this site. I am a member of both the Yesterweb and Cube Software Web rings. Additionally, I am a member of Cube Software itself.

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